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About Compulsory insurance Coverage for Agency-Hired Migrant Workers

Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon City   ELEVENTH CONGRESS Second Regular Session   HOUSE BILL NO 9521    Introduced by Honorable ROMEO D.C. CANDAZO  EXPLANATORY NOTE 

  R.A. 8042 or the Migrant Workers' Act was enacted to declare the government's policy on Filipino migrant workers. It was legislated by the 9th Congress in order to ensure that the rights and welfare of Filipino overseas contract workers are recognized and protected   Despite the landmark legislation, however, the five years of implementation of the law has not been lacking of major problems. Reports of abuses to our Overseas Filipino Workers continue to be received by this representation. Certain provisions of the law remain unimplemented or sometimes ineffective. This bill proposes amendments to R.A. 8042 in order to cure the perceived flaws in the law.   The proposed amendatory bill intends to strengthen the protection of the rights and welfare of migrant workers provided in R. A. 8042. The migrant workers not only provide for the needs &their families but most of all, they contribute greatly to the country's economy with their blood, sweat, tears as well as dignity and life. Since the State considers OFWs the country's "modern heroes" it should make its best effort to improve the OFWs' plight in the country where it deploys them   This bill proposes that since it is tile duty of tile government to provide full employment for its labor force, it should render free its services to Filipinos who are working abroad and to continue its regulatory functions to curb illegal acts committed against them   Section 2 (c) of the RA 8042 declares that, "The State does not promote overseas employment as a means to sustain economic growth and achieve national development. The State, therefore, shall continuously create local employment opportunities and promote equitable distribution of wealth and the benefits of development?' The proposals contained in this bill regarding the re-integration program for migrant workers and their families should be considered to fulfill this policy.   Further, the bill seeks to address the situations of women, children and seafarers sectors which were not given particular attention in R.A, 8042.   While we recognize the good provisions of R.A. 8042, we see the need to revise many other provisions that are not beneficial to the migrant workers. Thus, the approval of this bill is earnestly urged. Read More


Accidental Death US$ 15,000
Natural Death US$ 10,000
Permanent Total Disablement US$ 7,500
Repatriation Cost Actual Cost
Subsistence Allowance (Maximum of 6 months) US$ 100/month
Money Claims 3 months for every year of employment contract maximum of $1000.00/month
Compassionate Visit Unlimited
Medical Evacuation Unlimited
Medical Repatriation Unlimited
Repatriation of Mortal Remains Unlimited

The unlimited benefits for compassionate visit, medical evacuation, medical repatriation and the repatriation of mortal remains may be seen as an impossibility for any individual insurance company that may undertake this scheme. But because of the good name of PAMI and the strength and reliability of the consortium, Assist America, the biggest emergency assistance company in the world today has joined this undertaking on an exclusive basis.

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